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Statistical Consulting Communicated in Language You Can Use

Plenty of business owners, lawyers, engineers, health care professionals and investigators have mounds of data at their disposal. But they have little confidence that it can be used efficiently and optimally in order to make sound decisions. That's where a statistical consultant can help. But can they speak your language? Can they write, speak and listen in a way that meets you where you are? You need help, but you need things presented and discussed with clarity. Effective communication is the key to any successful partnership and it is the focus of East Texas Statistical Services. We help you analyze your data with the most modern methods and using statistical software unavailable to most decision makers. We have the tools and expertise. But, we also pride ourselves on good, call it "old-fashioned" communication. Your project is done only when you feel you have been communicated with in a way that clearly directs you in decision making. East Texas Statistical Services understands data, visualization, analytics and all the statistical methodology that can empower you. But, more than that, we understand that statistical consulting must be focused on communication: Communication in a Language You Can Use.

Services Provided

Our Expertise

East Texas Statistical Services is owned and operated by Greg Miller, a PhD statistician who has 15 years of statistical consulting experience with clients in business, law, forestry, environmental science, nursing, health science and the social sciences. He has worked with professional educators, health care workers, business owners, lawyers and others on projects ranging from hourly commitments to those lasting multiple years. He is a tenured, 18 year veteran teacher and researcher at a leading university in east Texas, where both he and his students have won prestigious research awards. He has consulted on state and other agency funded grants totaling over $3 million in outlay including the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's only health-care regional grant chosen to be expanded statewide.

Based in Nacogdoches, East Texas Statistical Services serves the entire East Texas community including Lufkin, Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Livingston and all surrounding areas.

If you have a question about how to get the data you need, or how to analyze the data you have, give us a call at (936) 585-0733 or contact us by email at greg@etxstats.com.

Rates for services provided are billed by the hour for consultations requiring five or fewer total on-task work days (8 hr days). Week or month long contractual obligations are assigned fixed total costs and are not billed hourly. Discounts for referrals available. Payments due within 30 days of completion of services. Initial consultations held in Nacogdoches are complementary. Initial consultations outside of Nacogdoches require a $100 service charge with no future obligation. This service charge is deducted from final costs if East Texas Statistical Services provides any follow-up consultation.

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